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Facing a sewer backup, especially in the basement, can pose a significant inconvenience. Barley Excavating has provided exceptional sewer repair services in Gillespie, IL, for more than three decades. Our licensed and insured technicians are accessible 24/7 to handle these concerns promptly. Through detailed sewer camera inspections, they ensure a comprehensive understanding of the issue, facilitating efficient cleaning and repairs. Our commitment remains steadfast in providing long-lasting solutions for your home’s sewer system.

Reach out today for a complimentary estimate and allow us to restore your plumbing infrastructure to its optimal condition.

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Main Drain Clogged? Sewer Pipe Repair
Gillespie Illinois

At Barley Excavating we believe information is key to catching sewer line issues early so that you can act quickly and avoid major damage. One of the most common indicators that you have a main clogged drain is gurgling and unusual sounds emanating from your plumbing. Another red flag that could be a sign of blockage is the occurrence of multiple clogged drains throughout the home. Moreover, if you notice sewage or debris backing up into your drains, this is a significant sign of a clogged drain. This manifestation especially poses health risks and requires urgent intervention. Our licensed and trusted professionals in Gillespie, IL, specialize in sewer pipe repairs and addressing main drain clogs.

Should any of these signs manifest in your plumbing system, it is crucial to reach out to our team to prevent further damage and ensure a swift resolution.

Sewer Repair Contractors
Gillespie Illinois

Older residences in Gillespie, IL, maintaining their original sewer lines, often face pressing problems demanding immediate action. Many of these older lines, originally crafted with clay, are prone to issues like tree root intrusion due to deteriorating seals over time. Variations in temperatures exacerbate these concerns, potentially resulting in ruptures or disconnections within these aging sewer systems. Barley Excavating excels in tackling these challenges with expertise, providing lasting solutions. Contact us for reliable resolutions that ensure the durability and endurance of your sewer lines.

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sewer repair service company gillespie illinois

Sewer Repair Services
Gillespie Illinois

When your primary drain, typically located in the basement, begins experiencing backups, it often signals underlying issues within your main sewer line in Gillespie, IL. The extent of the damage determines the available choices—whether repair or replacement is necessary. Although spot repairs might offer immediate relief, they don’t assure a lasting solution. Opting for sewer replacement presents a more enduring fix, achievable through various approaches. At Barley Excavating in Gillespie, IL, we offer expert assessments and recommendations for both repairs and replacements. Contact us for a comprehensive evaluation to ensure the most effective and reliable resolution for your sewer concerns.

Plumbing Sewer Repair
Gillespie Illinois

It is common for homeowners in Gillespie, IL, to experience tree roots infiltrating sewer lines. Despite the initial convenience of spot repairs, they often lead to recurring issues. Tree roots thrive on moisture and nutrients within sewer lines, persisting despite attempts to clear them. Opting for spot repairs on older pipes typically results in facing repeated problems in the future. At Barley Excavating, our priority is long-term solutions. If tree roots have invaded your sewer line, contact us for enduring resolutions that safeguard the integrity of your plumbing system. Our expertise ensures a lasting fix, preventing ongoing tree root intrusions and providing peace of mind for your home’s sewer system.

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Common Causes of Sewer Issues in Gillespie IL

Understanding the common causes of sewer issues is key to preventing costly disruptions. Barley Excavating is here to provide professional insight and solutions to tackle these prevalent sewer challenges, safeguarding your property from potential damage.


Flushing non-biodegradable items like feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, or paper towels can cause drain blockages. If clogs become more frequent, a sewer replacement might be necessary. 

Tree Roots

Tree roots commonly grow into sewer pipes, especially in homes surrounded by greenery. This can result in recurring problems, but with the help of Barley Excavating, replacing your sewer line can be a solution to this issue.


Pipes deteriorate overtime and using outdated materials exacerbates deterioration and decreases functionality. Barley Excavating uses quality materials and industry-approved methods to ensure a dependable pipeline.


Sewer lines are important for making sure waste and wastewater are disposed of safely. Sometimes, increases in sewer line demand due to a rise in occupants or city-wide blockages can cause problems.


Property projects involving digging or heavy machinery can impact or crush sewer lines. This is why it is very imperative to mark sewer lines before any major construction to avoid any potential issues that can arise.

Ground Shifting

Soil changes, such as ground shifting, can impact sewer pipe alignment, potentially causing misalignments, cracks, or collapses in the sewer line. Ignoring these issues could result in more significant problems over time.

Sewer Line Replacement
Gillespie Illinois

Significant damage can occur from continued strain and increased pressure placed on a sewer line. In Gillespie, IL, postponing action on such issues heightens the risk of encountering costly problems. Sewer line replacement is a substantial undertaking that demands the expertise of licensed professionals you can rely on. At Barley Excavating, we understand the significance of these situations and offer dependable solutions for sewer line replacements. Executing a sewer line replacement project requires precision and a trustworthy team. Whether it entails trenchless pipe replacement or a complete sewer lateral replacement, our team possesses the necessary skills for the job. Emphasizing reliability and trust, our licensed professionals provide tailored guidance to match your home’s specific needs. Our approach stresses prompt action and transparent communication, drawing from over three decades of invaluable industry experience.

When addressing severe sewer line issues or considering replacements, don’t hesitate to contact us. Trust us to deliver lasting solutions, ensuring the safety and functionality of your home’s sewer system for years to come.

Sewer Replacement for
Both Residential & Commercial
Gillespie Illinois

The complexities of commercial sewer replacement can significantly vary depending on the size and operational functionality of properties in Gillespie, IL. Office spaces, industrial facilities, and other commercial structures often boast larger sewer systems, making them susceptible to damage during sudden spikes in usage. These shifts in usage patterns can strain sewer lines, resulting in potential issues that demand immediate attention. At Barley Excavating, we address a diverse range of sewer needs, including urgent scenarios, scheduled replacements, and routine service calls for both residential and commercial properties. Our expertise encompasses managing the complexities of commercial sewer systems and customizing solutions to meet the specific requirements of office complexes and industrial setups. Recognizing the multitude of responsibilities inherent in business management, we prioritize each project with the requisite attention and dedication. For business owners grappling with sewer concerns, our team aims to alleviate the burden by offering comprehensive sewer replacement services.

Contact us today to ensure your property’s sewer system operates optimally, minimize potential disruptions, and safeguard your business operations from sewer-related issues. Trust us with your sewer requirements, enabling you to focus on seamlessly overseeing your business.

When to Replace Your Sewer Line in Gillespie Illinois

Recognizing when your sewer line requires replacement is vital to prevent potential damage and disruptions. Barley Excavating understands the importance of identifying signs indicating the need for sewer line replacement. Common signs include:

Consistent Gurgles

Flushing non-biodegradable items like feminine hygiene products, sanitary wipes, or paper towels can cause drain blockages. If clogs become more frequent, a sewer replacement might be necessary. 

Higher Bills

Your water or utility bills going up without explanation could mean there are leaks or inefficiencies in your sewer line. In this case, replacing the line is necessary to restore efficiency and save you money over time.

Soaked Grounds

Your yard might have leaks or breaks in the sewer line if you notice wet or waterlogged areas, even in unexpected places. It’s important to replace the sewer line promptly to avoid any further property damage.

Scents of Sewage

Sewage odors in or around your property may indicate sewer line problems that require prompt attention and possibly replacement. Ensuring sanitation and safety may depend on taking action right away.

Toilet Water Levels

Fluctuating or inconsistent water levels in toilets, especially when unrelated to usage, could be indicative of sewer line problems, necessitating inspection and possible replacement to restore proper functionality.

Multiple Repairs

If you find yourself repeatedly making repairs to the sewer line, it may be more cost-effective and more efficient in the long run to invest in a complete sewer line replacement, especially if the system is outdated.

These signs, from consistent gurgles and increased bills to noticeable changes in your property, shouldn’t be ignored. Timely action and professional assessment can prevent extensive damage. Contact our team today for expert evaluation and solutions, ensuring the optimal performance of your sewer system and preventing potential disruptions or hazards.

sewer camera inspections in gillespie illinois

Sewer Camera Inspections
Gillespie Illinois

Ensuring the resilience of a sturdy sewer system in Gillespie, IL, heavily depends on sewer camera inspections. Regular assessments utilizing sewer cameras play a pivotal role in detecting issues at their early stages, enabling quick and accurate repairs. Barley Excavating manages these inspections, offering a comprehensive view of potential problems such as blockages, leaks, or deteriorating pipes. This proactive strategy not only prevents minor issues from worsening but also ensures swift repairs, maintaining the reliability and efficiency of the sewer system. Call us today at 618.781.0299 to fortify the durability of your sewer infrastructure and steer clear of significant repair costs in the future.

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